2018 Request to Present

What is the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference?

The ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference is presented in Western Australia every year by edu-IT; focussing on the use and support of ICT in the classroom.

The 2018 Conference will again be held in the school holidays between Terms 3 and 4 at the Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough. The Conference will begin at 08.30am on Wednesday 3rd October and will conclude on Thursday at 4:00pm.

The overall theme of the Conference this year will be ‘The Challenges of Maturity’.  We’ll concentrate on how schools, IT departments and teachers need to focus on the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of everything we do. With the significant investment in training, hardware and software already made, schools must ensure they are now realising the value from those investments.

Some of the highlights of the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference are:

Keynote presentations from industry leaders and internationally recognised experts in the field;
Breakout sessions for teachers featuring great classroom teachers sharing their tips, tricks and techniques;
Presentations by vendors on the use and support of ICT;
Case studies about innovations in ICT presented by Schools innovating their way to success; and
Discussion forums on hot topics for school leaders.

We’ll again be hosting TeachMeet  and the ICT Managers Meetings.

The Conference is targeted at teachers using IT in the classroom and technical support specialists in schools with content targeted at ICT Directors and Managers, all levels of ICT Technical Support Staff, Schools Leaders, and Teachers.

How Can You Contribute?


We’re seeking presentations from teachers implementing the innovative use of technology in their classrooms. The presentation can be based on any aspect of implementation.

There are many teachers innovating within the classroom and sharing with your peers, feeds into improving the use of technology across all of education.

Normally, we have a list of “Hot Topics” for the Conference. This year, we can only suggest all developing technolgies are of interest to everyone. Some examples are:

Appropriate Software and Hardware for Teaching;
Design and Creative Thinking;
Drones and Robots, AR and VR; and
Data Analytics.

If you have something to share or something that makes a difference in your classroom, we’d like you to consider presenting at ‘ICT by the Sea’. This is your opportunity to Lead, Learn, Collaborate and Grow both personally and professionally, with an audience of like-minded and enthusiastic professionals.

Technical Staff

Industry specialists and vendors will be presenting wide-ranging sessions. In addition to these, we’re also seeking technically focussed presentation from schools. The presentations can be a success story, a case study or technical skills transfer sessions.

This year we see these as of interest to schools:

Privacy and Incident Reporting;
DR and Redundancy;
Improving and Consolidating Your Infrastructure; and
How Do Schools Decide On Adopting Appropriate Technology.

If you’d like to present a ‘success story’; we’d like it to include details on an ICT based project from concept through to design and implementation. Your story should also include information on how the project was conceived and what factors were used to measure your success.

If you’d like to present a ‘case study’; we’d like hear about the larger change of direction type of activities such as implementation of ‘cloud’ or a unique application of 1:1 technology, These should include information on how strategic decisions were made and how the project improved or changed the philosophy of the school.

The ‘Technical Skills Transfer’ workshops are designed to be very technical. They’re aimed at participants gaining useful skills on a specific technology. The workshops may require attendees to bring personal technology or include the need for a computer lab.